The DGTL Solution

The DGTLsuite is the most versatile multi-product digital marketing platform in the industry. Our AI powered software tools give your business true agility and scalability with customizable products and adjustable pricing. Whether you are a local mom and pop shop or a multinational organization, the DGTLsuite is the solution for your brand management.


Small Business Solutions

If your business is just getting started, or you run a single shop and with a local clientele your business needs are going to be unique. Our pricing structure allows you to pay only for what you need and scale up with ease as your business grows.


Mid-Market Solutions

For Mid-Market businesses, the right tools are the difference between growth and stagnation. State or multi-state level businesses with multiple locations need a consolidated technological solution so that they can continue to expand with confidence.


Enterprise Solutions

Country-wide or multi-continent tier businesses need a tech solution for huge teams and immense data. Our suite is the ultimate organizational tool and ensures management optimization over a multitude of locations, workflows, and brands.


Enterprise Solutions

The digital first DGTLsuite organizes enterprise business workflows to supercharge their brand strategy. Engineer a blueprint that connects with audiences, streamlines workflows, and turns your data into actionable insights—at scale.


Integrate existing software

Our suite seamlessly integrates with your existing software architecture so that you can adopt and implement quickly.


Handoff to third party BPOs

We seamlessly partner with business process outsourcing resources. If you’re in need of a BPO, we have you covered with SPS DGTL.


Manage your team at scale

Unify and standardize your team management strategy and analytics across large networks and teams.


Expedite with automations

Leverage our machine learning technology to automate and transform your workflows at every level.


Mimic corporate structure

Leverage growth efficiencies throughout your enterprise with our high-level organizational business tools.


Grant access at a user-level

Keep your business secure and your teams engaged with intuitive authorizations for user access to entire products.


Meet Your Next BPO: SPS DGTL

DGTLsuite was built to work with our in-house BPO provider. Let us do the legwork to deepen your customer relationships and create unparalleled user insights. The handoff is painless, and our software allows your team the time and bandwidth to focus on expansion.

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Mid-Market Business Solutions

The DGTLsuite helps mid-market businesses consolidate gains and foster new growth. Our data driven software tools allow a business in the mid-market to punch above its weight. Leverage real-time analytics to maintain brand standards across multiple locations while also paving the way to explore new growth opportunities.


People-powered approach

We have a diverse and expert team of account coordinators, content specialists, data analysts and more to optimize your business.


Empower the digital process

Our software provides the tools, insights, creativity, and understanding to conquer the digital process.


Maintain and expand your brand’s security

Custom integrated authorizations ensure you can connect a multitude of accounts without risking a security breach.


DGTLsuite for Mid-Size Businesses

The DGTLsuite is custom fit to integrate directly with any level of digital marketing. We put your organization’s needs at the center of our pricing model, with no long-term contracts and smooth scalability. Whatever level of support you need for your ongoing marketing efforts, we have the option for you.

Small Business Solutions

The DGTLsuite will give you a leg up on your competition. Design and implement the ideal marketing plan customized to your local business ecosystem. Build, manage, and grow lasting customer relationships. The DGTLsuite will save your small business time and money when it needs it the most.


Access to our in-house solutions provider

Local businesses can take advantage of our suite’s built-in assist system powered by our in-house digital marketing solutions provider DGTL Agency.


Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Our “off the shelf” service packages allow businesses affordable and customized plans so that they get all the functionality they need and nothing they don’t.


Maximize revenue with no wasted spend

The DGTLsuite business model is designed to produce a no waste spend maximization to keep revenue high when it matters.

DGTL Agency
DGTL Agency

What DGTL Agency can do for small businesses

We know how important every investment decision is to a small business. DGTL Agency has pricing models specifically designed to achieve the digital goals of a local and growing organization. Our marketing and analytics tools put your business on the playing field of companies 10 times your size.

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