Become a DGTL Partner:

Digital Management Your Way

Partner is the multi-client multi-user centralizer. Get organized and get all of your clients or your entire corporate structure under one roof.


Who Can Be a Partner?

Partner is ideal for any agency that wants to streamline workflows by consolidating client information into a single intuitive management system. Partner is also perfect for a large enterprise level organization that wants to ensure integrated marketing communications across a variety of channels.


Marketing agencies looking to utilize a simple well-integrated tool, organize your client portfolios and their subscribed plans, and execute marketing direction from a central hub


Tier 1 - Get cashback when you refer clients who enroll in digital service offerings known as addons

Tier 2 - Get your own businesses service offering listed in the DGTLsuite's addon portfolio; operates like a marketplace in Account


Manage your super expansive brand similarly across a lot of different companies, cultures, and store details for dissemination to multiple teams. DGTLsuite is designed to adapt and change over time with your business to streamline your ever-evolving business processes

Benefits of Being a Partner

The perks of partnership with the DGTLsuite grow with your business. Partner enables quick organic growth in your client portfolio with simple integration, intuitive workflows, and straightforward scalability.

Notes and document management

Keep track of the important details about your clients in a consolidated and focused place. No more folders on desktops. Grant access to your team as needed.

Client management

Add your whole team and assign them clients to manage to define clear coordination with clients. This lightweight CRM, designed to optimize your client management, helps drive direction for client content creation and social channel workflows.

Integrated for Efficiency

Integrations with calendars, file storage systems and internal technology operations to make sure your team gets more value from the DGTLsuite partnership every day.

Custom Sign Up Flow Available

As an agency, reseller, or enterprise you can easily have your users sign up through a custom partner portal. All digital service packages can get seamlessly added to your user's sign up flow in the portal and see the data behind your partnership profile.


Coming Soon

Contact us today, and we’ll notify you when this becomes available!