Meet DGTL Engage:

Data-Driven Customer Care for Your Business

Enhance your digital workflows, elevate your operational analytics, optimize your social media, consolidate and refine your customer conversations. Engage is the digital-first tech platform to save your team time and save your business money.


Why DGTL Engage?

Engage was built to solve the crux of the modern DXE problem. Customers transitioning from phone calls to digital channels provides an opportunity to simplify and enhance the customer engagement model. With Engage’s system of data categorization (tags, tiers, protocols) any business can produce consistent and timely responses to a multitude of inquiries.

Features of DGTL Engage

Customers are living in a digital world. They are always talking, always connected, and always engaged. Building the ideal customer care architecture is essential in ensuring operational efficiency, providing scalable growth opportunities, and driving down costs.

Omnichannel Customer Support

Engage provides a true Omnichannel customer support experience. No more bouncing between platforms, connecting conversations, or retrieving reference data. Meet customers where they are and build long lasting relationships on any channel.

DGTLsuite will aggregate and process inbound customer inquiries from the following platforms:

FacebookTwitterInstagramLive Chat & Chatbots
SMS/Text MessagingEmailMobile Applications& more
Automation & Integration

Engage engineers intelligent and customizable automation into your business. Automated support maximizes the ideal deployment of chatbots and empowers agents while reducing the risk of a bad customer experience.


Seamlessly integrates with bot services, CRM connectors and data reporting systems to give you a 360 view of your customer service.


Improve your customer engagement process and operational efficiency simultaneously by setting up sophisticated NLP enhanced chatbots.

Conversational Analytics

Use conversational analytics to drive ideal customer experiences and cultivate brand loyalty. DGTL Analyze takes all of the data from your businesses inbound/outbound messages and seamlessly integrates into DGTL Engage to ensure you are precisely positioned to respond to any fluctuations in brand sentiment or messaging abnormalities.

Brand Sentiment

Engage ensures you keep your finger on the pulse of your brand sentiment by leveraging collected messaging data into an informed customer strategy.

Internal Team Processing

Streamline your processing protocols and empower your teams with insightful analytics on inbound volume, response time, and peak times messaging data.

A Platform Without Precedent or Peer

As speed and interactivity have become standardized, consumers have become less patient and more demanding. In a business ecosystem characterized by instant communication systems and tightening feedback loops, picking the right platform is paramount. The stakes are high, and so are the returns.

Response protocols

Guide your team with a single cohesive brand message for all the things customers may bring up.

Custom data tracking

Configure adjustable fields to store customer details within a digital profile.

Agency multi-client support

Provide customer service workflows for multiple clients in one place.

NLP sentiment analysis

Cutting edge tools for responding to brand sentiment changes.

Proven Experience

We are proud of what we’ve built. DGTL Engage was devised by a team of customer care experts and refined by customer care agents. We used all the tools and data afforded by our engagement in the industry and built it side by side with the professionals that will be using it everyday.

Case Study: Conn's Customer Support


Response time improvement

“Our challenge to keep up with our growing e-commerce and online presence was not scalable for our team. DGTL came in implemented their platform, built a digital customer service team along with processes, and managed all our engagements 24x7x365 improving our DXE services.”

- SEO and Digital Marketing Manager, Conn's HomePlus
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