Meet DGTL Create:

An Innovative Studio for Business Creatives

Create is an all-in-one tool where you can design, organize, and publish content that impacts your customers and extracts real business value from every platform. Create content that resonates.


Features of DGTL Create

Maximize your marketing team and evolve your brand. Create enables ingenuity and provides a marketing campaign framework that enhances collaboration. Learn from your customers, analyze your results in real time, crank the volume on what’s working and retool what’s not. Create is an engine for true business agility.

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Manage your brand style guides on a master level.

Create ensures that everyone is aligned on how your brand should be presented online. Our brand management tools are easy to customize and implement for any marketing team. Our unified style guide and content planning tools help forge strong brand symmetry and identity across all networks.

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Collaborate seamlessly for maximum productivity.

Create facilitates smooth and unambiguous content task management. From a project’s inception through setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and assigning responsibilities, our software ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Visibility can be assigned based on project roles so that every team member or client sees the most useful information.

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Streamline workflow with contextual collaboration.

Streamline your workflow with contextual collaboration. Collaborate and consolidate your team’s conversations so that everyone has the most useful information at their fingertips. Strengthen communication and teamwork by using @mentions, notes, tasks, and customizable notifications that put an end to the inefficiencies of back-and-forth emails.

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Create, organize, edit and publish assets from one central location.

The Create Library simplifies collaborative publishing and asset management. Your team can easily organize assets and attachments from a central location to create and deliver visually engaging social content. The Create library integrates with the create workflow seamlessly so that brands can build their content repository with multiple team members uploading media for future content.

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Find everything you need to know. In one place.

Our customizable widgets help build, manage, and track your team’s flow of content related tasks, due dates, and milestones as well as review and approval cycles. The Create dashboard makes it easy to implement simple processes that turn dashboard data into actionable marketing decisions.

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Stay on track with a dynamic calendar view.

Your whole team can stay on top of your content management plan with Create’s dynamic calendar view which shows you a snapshot of your content spread from month to month. Our software provides an intuitive calendar that makes it easy for your team to formulate brand strategy at a high level or hone into the intricacies of more specific content decisions.

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Plan for the future and look ahead with Content Planning.

Create helps your team produce and publish high-quality content that resonates with the right audiences. Our content planning is designed so that your team can formulate and iterate a high volume of cutting-edge content on multiple formats and channels seamlessly. With Create you can track content through every stage of production and adjust to trends and market changes decisively.

Proven Experience

We have helped brands of all sizes enhance their content strategy and transform their relationship with customers. Our content tools have proven to be the best in the business and we have the data to back it up.

Case Study: DoubleDave's Pizzaworks


Overall Facebook page impression in first 60 days

“People love pizza, but we wanted more people to talk about DoubleDave’s Pizza. The Create platform organized our content and social media structure, the DGTL Agency team got people thinking about our pizza in different ways, so much so that a Canadian newspaper wrote about our Texas pizzeria chain!”

- Ambassador of Hype & Design, DoubleDave's Pizzaworks
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