Meet DGTL Automate:

AI Powered Automation

Automate uses cutting edge machine learning technology to transform your organizational performance at every level. By creating continuous rich and actionable data feeds, Automate seamlessly optimizes workflows and enhances efficiencies of scale for every component of the DGTLsuite.


What is DGTL Automate?

Automate isn't a product that you can visit like the rest of DGTLsuite. It is the holistic identity for the unseen mechanisms working in conjunction with the rest of the suite. Automate houses the functions for the suite's abstract integration, network, and complex data processing layers. Automate is the interface for external integrations and is where big picture ideas become technologically realized.

Features of DGTL Automate

With Automate your organization can leverage the latest advances in conversational AI and machine learning to generate a creative transformation in your marketing and customer service productivity. From our IBM Watson powered chatbot deployment, social media ingestion engine, to advanced real time analytics gathering, our tools keep your business firmly on the forefront of the AI revolution.

Automate Your Conversations

Automate uses natural language processing (NLP) to power frictionless omni-channel chatbot deployment. Our chatbots can dynamically respond to alerts based on conversational analytics to ensure that you are having the right conversations with the right customers 24/7.

Automate Your Workflow

Simplify your workflows by eliminating outdated or redundant processes, manual workarounds, lack of visibility and slow customer service responses. Our integrations with Engage, Analyze, and Create help your teams reach the right customers more effectively, simplify dense data points, and generate compelling content.


The need for Automation

A Rise in Digital Conversations

“On the consumer front, the pandemic pushed many US adults to connect with brands through digital touchpoints in new ways and at a higher volume. Fourteen percent of US adults paid bills and banked online for the first time, 21% ordered groceries online for the first time, and 17% ordered from a restaurant online for the first time.”

Kate LeggettVice President and Principal AnalystForrester Research

Case Studies

Today’s consumers have soaring expectations and every business is trying to stay ahead of the data curve. Our customers have consistently been able to leverage Automate’s tools to drive more refined and efficient business. automation.

Case Study: GVTC

Deployed customized end-to-end integration that utilized Automate’s social media ingestion engine to trigger automatic outbound data processing back to the client’s internal system.


response rate in first 60 days

“DGTL brought in their technology and platform to centralize our social operations, processes, and DXE. Suddenly we were able to work cross-functionally across departments and share information with ease while cutting down on time wasters.”

- Senior IT Project Manager, GVTC
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Case Study: VIA Metropolitan Transit

Integrated client’s IBM Watson powered chatbot AI system seamlessly into Automate’s ingestion engine to provide real time analytics through Automate and adopt human conversions from the chatbot through Engage.


faster response rate after implementing chatbot

“Social media is a medium that never sleeps and is on 24x7, just like some of our services. With DGTL we were able to facilitate a new form of communication with AVA the website chatbot for our riders to connect with us whenever!”

- Social Media Coordinator, VIA Metropolitan Transit