Meet DGTL Analyze:

Mission Control for Metrics

Powerful data drives the best decision making. Track the metrics that matter to your business and extract informed and actionable insights from your analytics.


Features of DGTL Analyze

Analyze consolidates all of your relevant data together in one place, streamlining your ability to make decisions. Our versatile and digestible data visualizations save your organization time and money.

Multiple Dashboards

Analyze features multiple dashboards to track the metrics that are crucial to your business. Drive strategic decision making across your business with rich social data and intuitive dashboards.

Volume by ChannelSentiment AnalysisPost Performance
Custom On-Demand Reports

Customize your reports with a multitude of data visualizations. DGTLsuite can also build out specific custom reports built directly into Analyze. Reports can be exported at the click of a button and easily compare metrics yearly, monthly, or within a custom time frame.

Audience and Teamwork Insights

Track how your team is responding to inquiries online to enhance your quality assurance workflows. With audience insights your business has a window into your customer’s demographics and behaviors, increasing your targeting ROI as well as helping shape your business's future decisions.

Word FrequencyMost-Used TagsEntity AnalysisAverage Speed of Answer

Fully Integrated in the DGTLsuite

Every component of the DGTLsuite was engineered to integrate naturally and to enhance the productivity and usability of the whole toolkit. Analyze helps fuel the rest of the suite with a wide collection of useful data.

Collaborating with Engage

All actions taken in Engage get streamlined directly into Analyze’s reporting features. Whether you’ve got a large digital customer service team handling your online interactions, or a single customer service specialist, Analyze’s reporting scales to your business's needs.

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Collaborating with Create

Analyze intuitively consolidates all of the important metrics your team needs when it relates to their ad campaigns or social media posts. Visual displays of information make it simple to uncover trends and extract actionable insights from social data to inform brand and business strategy.

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Collaborating with Automate

Chatbot analytics and custom automation feature metrics are summarized in custom reports in Analyze. These metrics can also be displayed in functional, easy-to-read graphs for a quick visualization of how your automation strategy is impacting your digital business functions.

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Proven Experience

Analyze creates an intuitive visualization for our clients to show the direct correlation between their digtial interactions and business results. Our clients have increased response rates, maximized ad targeting, created more efficient workflows, and optimized many areas of their business that had previously been unquantified.

Case Study: H-E-B


Increase in online response rate

“DGTL helped us build one of the world’s best-in-class social media customer service ecosystems; what impressed us was the real value their analytics provided. We discovered issues and wins from big picture to the molecular level when engaging with our customers. Together we discovered topics, locations, demographics, and volume-drivers all directly from our customers and mapped out in an easy-to-digest report.”

- Director of Digital Marketing, H-E-B