Features of DGTL Account

Focus on the big picture, build your business and let Account take care of the details. Establish your billing and invoicing logic, manage your team’s access protocol, and use our custom integrations to get the most out of your software.

Billing, Team Manager, and Social Media Integrations

Our billing software allows automation for subscription or project base pricing models. Manage projects by adjusting team roles and centralize project visibility. Use our social media integrations to handle brand symmetry across channels.

Custom OAuth build-ins

Custom build-ins that allow authorization within the context of your brand. Users are not redirected to a third-party site, enhancing brand trust and loyalty.

Sub-client Management

Account is ideal for franchise models and large corporations with lots of smaller suite use cases. Quickly onboard new additions to the team or new franchise locations. Effortlessly maintain brand standards across multiple locations.